About Me


photo of Lisaphoto of Lisa and Paul Hollywood

Hi! My name’s Lisa,

I’m a wife and busy mum to three young children.

After being in Retail Management for over 15 years I wanted to try and get a Happy balance between being a mother but also having something for myself.
And so it begins!
One day I’m buying eggs at my local farm shop (Thanks Emma) and the next minute I’ve registered as a business, completed my assessment with the E.H.O, got a 5* rating bought supplies and started up Twinkle Little Tarr.

But the challenge was to stand out from all the other businesses. So I decided I would create ‘Bespoke Cakes & Cupcakes’

The idea being rather then a cupcake with a swirl you would tell me a bit about the person, hobbies, likes, job..and I would make it personal to them.
For example I had a husband who ordered cupcakes for his wife’s surprise party. He told me her favourite book was 50 shades of grey…. Oh what fun I had making those!
I was also lucky enough to have one of my cakes judged to meet Mr Paul Hollywood!!!!

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